Video Tour of Dapper Cadaver on Something Dreadful

An Exclusive Video Tour Of Dapper Cadaver Prop Shop With Owner BJ Winslow

I recently had the opportunity to visit Dapper Cadaver, a movie prop shop in Sun Valley, California (a stones throw from Warner Brothers, Disney and Universal Studios) for an exclusive tour with owner BJ Winslow. They manufacture an incredibly diverse range of death-related props for film and television, especially for horror, sci-fi and crime shows, including The Devil’s Rejects, Silent Hill, Pushing Daisies, Twilight, 300, Law And Order, Night Of The Living Dead 3D, Criminal Minds, Saw III, Nip/Tuck, Pirates Of The Caribbean II, Dexter, No Country For Old Men and countless others. Dapper Cadaver is also open for sales and rentals to the public and I highly recommend you visit their shop if you are in the area. They also recently launched their website so you can order all of their props online as well.”

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