Dapper Cadaver selected as one of LA’s Strangest Shops by LA Bizarro

A disemboweled human torso lies prostrate on a worktable, as the midday sunlight dances through the windows and hits a shelf lined with specimen jars, allowing their contents—daiphinized rat skeletons, fetal chicks, human lungs, and sheep’s eyeballs—to glisten softly against the brushed steel medical cabinetry. Utilitarian baker’s racks jammed with plastic tubs labeled “hands” “skulls,” and “legs & feet” are piled high with their respective—and bloody—contents, while morbid antiquities, roadkill, biological models, rotting skeletons, and “toe pinchers” (that’s coffin lingo), are found packed into every available corner, or in some cases, hang from metal hooks.


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