Dapper Cadaver at Shriekfest 2014

Shriekfest: The Los Angeles Horror/Sci-Fi Film Festival & Screenplay Competition is this weekend October 2-5 at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood!

The event kicks off tonight with an opening night party at club Sinister/Boardners. Tickets are available for $10 at the door and 1 free screening ticket is included!


We will be presenting an award for the super short film category on Sunday night. Check out all of the events and buy tickets here. See you there!



Don’t forget to pick up your copy of LAWeekly today! Dapper Cadaver has been recognized as the Best Horror Prop Shop in Los Angeles by LAWeekly. Pick up your issue and check out the article here:




Dapper Cadaver in Sun Valley News


“SUN VALLEY – Blocks of small industrial buildings – many of them vacant – line the strip of San Fernando Road across from the Bob Hope Airport.

The back of one of those shops, though, looks like it’s thriving.

Or is that writhing?

There are buckets of “human organs,” shelves of decomposing corpses, a warehouse of mounted skeletons and animal carcasses and a wall lined with coffins.”


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Dapper Cadaver selected as one of LA’s Strangest Shops by LA Bizarro

A disemboweled human torso lies prostrate on a worktable, as the midday sunlight dances through the windows and hits a shelf lined with specimen jars, allowing their contents—daiphinized rat skeletons, fetal chicks, human lungs, and sheep’s eyeballs—to glisten softly against the brushed steel medical cabinetry. Utilitarian baker’s racks jammed with plastic tubs labeled “hands” “skulls,” and “legs & feet” are piled high with their respective—and bloody—contents, while morbid antiquities, roadkill, biological models, rotting skeletons, and “toe pinchers” (that’s coffin lingo), are found packed into every available corner, or in some cases, hang from metal hooks.


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Video Tour of Dapper Cadaver on Something Dreadful

An Exclusive Video Tour Of Dapper Cadaver Prop Shop With Owner BJ Winslow

I recently had the opportunity to visit Dapper Cadaver, a movie prop shop in Sun Valley, California (a stones throw from Warner Brothers, Disney and Universal Studios) for an exclusive tour with owner BJ Winslow. They manufacture an incredibly diverse range of death-related props for film and television, especially for horror, sci-fi and crime shows, including The Devil’s Rejects, Silent Hill, Pushing Daisies, Twilight, 300, Law And Order, Night Of The Living Dead 3D, Criminal Minds, Saw III, Nip/Tuck, Pirates Of The Caribbean II, Dexter, No Country For Old Men and countless others. Dapper Cadaver is also open for sales and rentals to the public and I highly recommend you visit their shop if you are in the area. They also recently launched their website so you can order all of their props online as well.”

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Muerte Las Vegas!

We just got back from the Halloween Costume, Haunted Attraction, and Party show in Las Vegas. Eileen and I had a great time and even made the paper.

From the Las Vegas Review Journal

The four-day convention includes more than 700 exhibitors and is expected to attract about 10,000 attendees from 47 countries.

In 24 years it has grown from a small event in Chicago with about 20 vendors to today’s incarnation, a multiday costume, prop and gore extravaganza for an industry worth about $7 billion.

“Something like 20 percent of people in the U.S. will attend a haunted house,” said Joe Thaler, chairman and CEO of TransWorld Exhibits, the company that runs the Halloween show. “It can be very valuable.”

Mutilated bodies, full-length Sasquatch and Yeti suits, trampy nurse and superhero outfits are among the highlights of the Las Vegas event. There’s plenty at the show to shock even the most hardened sensibilities.

The firm Dapper Cadaver of Los Angeles showed off a line of vintage medical instruments, mutilated and vandalized corpses and a collection of faux human and animal fetuses stored in jars.

Dapper Cadaver owner-artist BJ Winslow said he’s been fascinated by macabre preservation techniques since childhood.

“Even when I was a little kid and I had a toy I was no longer interested in I would stick it in a jar, fill it with fluid and put it on a shelf,” Winslow said. “My mom still has some of them.”

Margaret Cho reviews my penis

Prosthetic Cho

My penis has really gotten around. Traci Lords, Kenneth Anger, and Margaret Cho have all had their hands on it. It was for Margaret that I originally created it, and here’s her review, from Alarm Press

“I went to a special effects specialist, who is a friend of my husband and made a very light yet very realistic flaccid latex penis. It was very hard to find a dildo that was like a flaccid penis!

I needed one that would fit into panties and still look like something when I stripped them off, so it had to be collapsible, and it is — fully collapsible and will stick onto my crotch with double stick tape!

The choreography is simple, just a classic fan dance really, but with a big surprise ending. The audience really doesn’t know what to do. At first I try to seduce them, being very feminine and coy with myself, a very shy, teasing kind of dance. But then at the end, when I reveal I have this very real looking and startlingly plain penis, people really freak out.

I almost cried the first few times that I performed it because the audience reacted so strongly — screaming! People were literally screaming. I love that. So that is my most exciting number right now.”

Screaming for my penis, that’s what I like to see in print.
When asked by Lawrence.com about size, Margaret had this to say
“Q: Why didn’t you borrow Mark Wahlberg’s from “Boogie Nights”?

A: That’s too big. Mine is big, but it’s not big like that.”

Thank you Margaret.