Monster-a-day: Bapets


As part of Dapper Cadaver’s Monster-a-day project I bring you the Bapets. These were a race of female cannibals from the American West who were one of many races of cannibals who terrorized the Native Americans.

Bapets had enormous breasts filled with poisonous milk that could kill instantly. They had a taste for young children, whom they would kidnap, suckle, kill, and eat their dismembered bodies

Bapets lived forever, and could only be killed by obsidian arrows.

Indian mothers used legends of Bapets to scare their youngsters (and presumably husbands) not to be taken in by friendly, attractive strangers.

Bapets have been seen in the American Southwest as recently as 1988.
Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death