Monster-a-day: Fearsome Critters

feejee mer-rat

As part of the Dapper Cadaver Blog Monster a day project, today I bring you the Fearsome Critters

Fearsome Critters arouse as tall tales told by American Lumberjacks. Whether they were drunk, trying to amuse each other, playing pranks on rookies and city slickers, or trying to explain odd creatures or phenomenon is debatable. Probably all of the above.

Fearsome critters are notable for their awesome names and rediculess nature. They are as follows-

Humany Beasts

* Agropelter
* Hyampom Hog Bear
* Tote-road Shagamaw
* Whirling Whimpus


* Axehandle hound
* Central American Whintosser
* Flittericks
* Funeral Mountain Terrashot
* Gumberoo
* Glawackus
* Gyascutus
* Hugag
* Jackalope
* Sidehill gouger
* Squonk
* Teakettler
* Tripodero
* Wampus cat
* Whangdoodle
* Wapaloosie


* Hidebehind
* Snow Wasset


* Fur-bearing trout
* Goofang


* Hodag
* Hoop snake
* Joint snake
* Snoligoster