Monster-a-Day: Baku

baku 2

Today the Dapper Cadaver blog brings you the Japanese Baku, the monster that eats nightmares

Baku are described as something like a monster tapir, or more specifically, having a head something like an elephant, a body something like a large and fat horse, the mane of a lion, and the legs and paws of a tiger.

In your early waking moments, you may call for the Baku, or the Baku may find you while hunting nightmares. The Baku feeds on nightmares. Don’t open your eyes though because seeing it may cause new ones. It uses it’s trunk to hold the nightmares and suck them up like a vacuum cleaner. Once the nightmare is eaten, you won’t remember it happening.

baku feeding

And this is why so many people forget their dreams right before they wake up.
baku catching nightmares

Monster sketch from this awesome site Monster alphabet blog