Monster-a-Day: The Miqqiayuuq

Cloverfield or Miqqiayuuq
The above image actually may be a concept art depiction of the Cloverfield Monster, but it reminds me of the Miqqiayuuq, so thats what I’m calling it. In fact, just like the Cloverfield Monster, there are no clear images or depictions of the dreaded Miqqiayuuq, so the similarity may be more than superficial.

The Miqqiayuuq is a giant, dark, hairy and most terrifying of all – faceless sea monster from the icy depths of Canada’s Hudson Bay and surrounding iced over fresh water . Miqqi, as his friends call him, though he has no friends, lurks in the depths, usually only seen as a great heaving dark shape.

This demonous monster would slide beneath the ice whenever the local Inuit came to the waters edge to fish or collect water, and he would reach our with his arms like tree trunks and great clawed hands and flip over their buckets and…
Thats it. That’s all he’s ever been recorded doing. More of a nuisance really, spilling fish and water. Or maybe just an excuse used by drunk ice fisherman as to why they returned empty handed. With all that size and sheer terror-ness it seems like kind of a waste. Maybe Cloverfield happened because Miqqi realized he could do so much more than be The Monster Who Flips Buckets.
New York isn’t that far from the Hudson.