Monster-a-Day: Redjal El Marja

Redjal El Marja

Today Dapper Cadaver’s Monster-a-day project brings you the our first monster from the Middle East. These creatures are known as the Redjal El Marja and they are giants with the torso of a Djinn (Genie) and the tail of a fish, making them three monsters in one, the Giant Genie Merman. If only one were bitten by a cursed wolf, then you’d have a Giant Genie WereMer

Unlike most Mers, the Redjal live in marshlands, mostly near the town of Marrakech in Morrocco. Their name translates to “Men of the Marshes”

Aside from the occasional human wandering into the marsh and earning himself a curse, a wish, or a murder at the hands of the Redjal, the townsfolk and the mermen were able to coexist for quite some time. But as Merrakech expanded, the decision was made to drain the marsh.

Made vengeful by the loss of their muddy homeland, the Redjals slithered into the canals and up to the reservoir which supplied every well and fountain in Merrakech with drinking water. The Redjals threatened to pollute the water and make it undrinkable.

When a man that big threatens to pollute your water supply it can only mean one thing. The people of Merrakech posted signs around the reservoir saying things like “Please enjoy our ‘ool. Notice there’s no “P” in it. Please keep it that way” But to know avail.

Finally the monsters and men reached an agreement by offering the Redjals tribute and setting candles around the water supplies, which really helped the Redjals to relax