Daily Monsters – The Chupacabra

chupacabra  8

Across the Southwest people have been reporting, photographing, and in some cases finding specimens of large, hideous, hairless canines some are calling chupacabras. Here are some of the reports

DNA from some of the specimens clearly identify them as coyotes – hideous and hairless because of the disease known as “mange”

One woman even reported seeing one of these hairless coyotes attack her caged chickens, pulling its head through the bars and biting it off, then drinking all the blood that spilled out.

Could these mange-coyotes account for the chupacabra? Is it only coincidental that they’re similar in appearance and behavior to chupas? Are the real goat-suckers still at large? Or only legend?

Do you believe in chupacabras, or mange-coyotes?