Free Pre-Release Creature Feature Albums at Dapper Cadaver

creature feature injection
Those boys from Creature Feature have hit the big time! They deserve their critical acclaim as the greatest and spookiest band ever to rise from the grave. If you’ve heard them already you know this, and would probably love to get your hands on a free pre-release album. If you haven’t heard them then now’s the perfect time to check them out and realize no Halloween party will ever be complete without their tunes again.

Check them out now at
Their album “The Greatest Show Unearthed” hit shelves on Oct 30 but I have a limited supply of advance copies.

If you want one, all you need to do is come into Dapper Cadaver (5519 Hollywood Blvd) between now and Halloween. Bring a copy of this post or any picture from our Creature Feature Gallery and the album is free with any purchase.

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