Models in Straight Jackets

Models in Straight Jackets

In the words of the PA in charge of returning the 12 straight jackets to my shop, “I don’t know if you like watching sexy girls getting tied up, but if you do, this is the episode for you.”

It’s the episode of “America’s Next Top Model” called “The Girls Go Rock Climbing,” but should be called “The Girls get tied up in straight jackets first,” because really, that’s the part everyone is talking about.

It’s this weeks episode. Check local listings for ANTM on the CW.

The straight jackets are authentic medical straight jackets, the only kind still manufactured for use in mental institutions, prisons, and hospitals. They’re 8 pounds of sail grade canvas, heavy steel and leather. Everything else is a costume straight jacket.
We rent them for $50 per week and sell them for $250.