The blood is mine, but who's The Cleaner?

The blood is mine, but who's The Cleaner?

There’s a lot of blood in Samuel L Jackson’s new pic, The Cleaner, and it’s all mine. Watch the trailer here, and take a shot every time they show my blood. I did.

We created a new kind of blood just for the movie, and dubbed it
“BJ Winslow’s EZ Clean Wet & Dry Blood” It’s specially formulated to be a very realistic dark red while wet, and to darken and “brown out” as it drys, just like actual blood. We also made it one of the easiest stage bloods to clean off of sets, props, and actors. Perfect for a movie about a guy who goes into crime scenes full of dry blood, and has to wash the joint up.

Release date is still to be announced. Sometime this winter.