Important Prop Rental Update

We know how important it is for all of our customers to receive quality props on-time and at an affordable price. In the past month, we’ve been busy making some important changes to our prop rentals.

  • Dedicated Rental Props – Instead of offering every prop for rental and sale, we are now dedicating certain items as rental props. This will make it easier to keep items in stock and available across the board. See our new rental prop section online. We are still in the process of physically retagging all of our inventory. Thank you for your patience while we complete this process in the store.
  • New Rental Booking System – We are implementing a new internal booking system that makes it much easier to keep track of advance bookings. If you like, we can even send you a text message to remind you about your rental order!
  • Updated Rental Terms – The main change is that while we still allow stage blood on our rental bodies, body parts, skulls and skeletons, we no longer allow repainting our rental props without written permission and all props must be returned in original condition. This will help us keep high quality props in stock and available for rental. If you need a custom prop, our team can help bring your vision to life. We also have body forms available for FX artists.
  • More Rental Acquisitions – Now that we have a dedicated rental prop section, it is easier for us to acquire and offer unique products for rental only. Some exciting new rental props include an Electroshock Therapy Machine!

To celebrate all of these ch-ch-changes, we’re offering 15% off all prop rentals in March!

Enter RENTAL15 at checkout.

One use per customer. Expires 3/31/16.

15% Off Rentals

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