Halloween Decoration Scenarios 2: A Haunted House

Haunted House Decorations

Exterior: The Cemetery

Leading up to the doorway are dozens of gothic tombstones, strewn with moss and ivy. Amidst the headstones are larger more elaborate tombstones, sad faced angels, and the twisted branches of a tree screaming and half man. Set in folding chairs in the cemetery are a couple of decomposed corpse props enjoying the night air, playing cards and drinking booze. Around the doorway several rubber skeletons seem to be climbing the walls

Entryway: Fortune Teller

The first scenario guests come to in the Haunted House will be a fortune tellers parlor. Décor includes occult oddities such as the mystic hand, the hand of glory, phrenology head, fetal skeleton, cat skeleton, human skulls, Indonesian devils, the bust of a mourning widow and a severe bearded man, and several haunted portraits, whose vintage characters transform into ghosts and ghouls as people pass by. At the center table sits an actual fortune teller who welcomes guests, tells fortunes throughout the night, and tells the tale of the evenings cursed surroundings. The glowing light of plasma balls illuminates the room. An anamatronic fortune teller can be set up as well.

“This room is the very spot where 100 years ago the wicked young baron liked to torture his servants to death for sport. Dozens of poor indentured souls were brutally murdered and buried in the very floors and wall the guest now walk on. The Young Baron himself was never found, but his damned ghost now walks the halls.”

The opening to the rest of the party is through a curtain marked with signs such as “Beware” and “Haunted House”

Inside the House:

Inside the house is the scene of the horror, the room where the young baron tortured his victims. Hanging from the ceiling are several gibbet cages with spotlights pointed at them to cast an eerie criss-cross of shadows. Hooks and chains also hang from the walls and ceilings. The furniture all has chains and shackles coming off of it to hold victims in place. In the rafters hang ghosts of all sizes, large skull headed ghosts, medium ghosts with arms, and small ghosts that are little more than shrouded heads. Cobweb covered heads, screaming heads and reaching hands are coming out of the walls. Around the floor are gothic iron candelabras and on each table are prop bones, skulls, ribcages, and table top candelabras. A bloody ax hangs behind the bar, which has been outfitted with blacklights. The specialty of the house? Ectoplasm gin fizzes and Ectoplasm vodka fizzes. The drinks glow neon blue in the blacklight. Use tonic water in a vintage bottle or with a homemade label marked ectoplasm. The quinine in tonic water is the only food that naturally glows under blacklight. A cobweb covered skeleton in a bartenders uniform stands behind the bar. Another sits on a barstool, passed out drunk, his glass turned sideways and rubber blood leaking out. Behind the bar amidst the bottles are human body parts suspended in jars of glowing fluid and skulls that seem to float in the air.

Torture equipment such as guillotinesinterrogation chairs and stocks are set up so guests can have their last photos taken screaming in pain.

Everything in the main room is covered in cobwebs. Blood drips in the bathroom, and patrons find they often leave with blood on their hands, a trick done by powdering various items with magic blood powder, which looks invisible but turns to blood when wet.

The floor is littered with skull piles and lights flicker in the fog. A ghoulish butler stands guard, watching, breathing, laughing. Bat demons fly above.