Monster Mondays Special: Bigfoot Corpse found in Georgia

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bigfoot_wideweb__470x379,0, originally uploaded by Boju.

Another special report from Dapper Cadaver’s Monster Monday Blog. A couple of hunters are claiming to have found the body of a bigfoot in the backwoods of Georgia, USA. Good, lets see the body. They’ll announce their findings this Friday in Palo Alto, CA, including DNA evidence, and I should hope, the body itself. So far all that’s been released is the above photo.

The claims and the evidence for Bigfoot.
1. The Photo- photos are not proof. Plain and simple. The above photo could be fake, or it could be real, and unless you can spot something absolute like a zipper, there’s not much we can say about it. Props and costumes are designed to look real, so there’s not reason it can’t be a fake. Also, real things can easily appear fake in photographs, like the below gorilla corpse

2. DNA – Seems fool proof, but even this is going to be a tricky sell. Quick DNA tests are used to determine what something is NOT, so they’re compared against known samples. Since bigfoot is an unknown sample, they’ll need to sequence a lot of DNA to show that this is a new species. For comparison, the Chupacabra specimens that were found showed a 98% match with Coyotes, leading experts to conclude they were coyotes. While 98% sounds like a lot, remember that Humans share 98% of the genome of a chimpanzee. even 2% is talking about hundreds of thousands of different genes. Enough to establish a species.

3. The body. This is the only thing that counts. We need to see bones. We need to see stomach contents. We need to know this is a beast physically different from other apes and humans, and by it’s stomach determine that it did in fact live in Georgia.

4. The finders – these guys are known bigfoot hunters, and known bigfoot haoxsters. One of them has a book coming out soon, so this could all be free publicity. It’s already been revealed that the “Scientist” in their you tube video was a fraud. Sure, they spend a lot of time looking for bigfoot, but they also have falsely claimed to have evidence before.

That’s pretty much everything to keep in mind. Many a bigfoot has been seen in the south east, and a friend of mine from Louisiana is the only person I know who swears to have seen one. His description of a 7 foot reddish brown ape with 4-5″ inch shaggy fur, a black face, and a beard quite accurately matches the beast found. And he saw his more than 20 years ago. I myself doubted the existence of bigfoot until a few years ago. Any creature that large, whether alive or extinct, should have left bones, and up until a few years ago, no ape or human skeleton taller than modern man had ever been found. Even neanderthals, who are larger than us in many ways, are roughly the same height as us. Then they found the jawbones of Gigantopithecus, a 7 – 10 ft tall ape that lived a hundred thousand years ago in China. Now bigfoot has a plausible descent. Unlike modern apes and humans that eat fruits, vegetables, meat, and tender leafs, Giganto evolved to eat tough plants, like bamboo, grass, mature leaves, and pine needles. It’s entirely likely this beast could survive in the southern swamps and northern woods. And as similar as it is in diet to the Panda, it could be similar too in it’s elusive behavior. The Panda was not proven to exist until the 1927.
Here’s a reconstruction of what Giganto was thought to look like