Dark Spots in Tinsel Town part 2

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zombie zoo 57, originally uploaded by Boju.

There are so many great weird and spooky locations in Hollywood. I couldn’t fit them all in one post. For the haunted tourist, more dark destinations. And remember, no trip through the horror’s of Hollywood is complete without a stop at Dapper Cadaver, 5519 Hollywood Blvd

1. The Abandoned Zoo – A very post apocalyptic part of LA where you get to crawl through the caves and onto the rusted cages of the old zoo. “Zombie Zoo” (above) was shot there. In Griffith Park, it shares a parking lot with the Merry Go Round, keep hiking west, not far from the parking lot.

2. Cipher – an art gallery that sells molding old statuary, metal bolted to skulls, and other items for the gothic home and garden.
165 1/2 S. Fairfax Ave.

3. The “Halloween” House
1530 & 1537 Orange Grove Ave., L.A., 1000 Mission St in Pasadena
Halloween’s Haddonfield, Ill., was actually a neighborhood in hip west LA. Jamie Lee Curtis’ friends were killed in 1537 Orange Grove Ave.—a house renovated almost beyond recognition. Much of the exteriors were shot in Pasadena.

4. House on Haunted Hill
2655 Glendower Ave.,L.A.
This Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece (also home to Bladerunner) was built in 1923. Very unusual Architecture have been made only creepier through years of neglect.

5. The Batcave (Bronson cave)
The top of Bronson Avenue
So many features and TV shows have used the caves, you’ve probably seen them a hundred times as a hundred ” different” ocations, including various Star Trek planets, the old west of Bonanza, King Kong’s Skull Island, Mars, Robin Hood’s Sherwood forest and more. Actually a man made tunnel less than 100 ft long. Info on how to get there here

6. A Nightmare on Elm Street
1428 Genesee Ave. L.A.
This house—featured in the Nightmare on Elm Street series—sold just a year ago; the asking price was $1.1 million. The new owner kept the façade, and rebuilt the home behind it. One touch she insisted on—returning the front door to its red color featured in the film.

7. Forest Ackerman’s house – The man who created “Famous Monster’s” magazine has the greatest collection of horror and sci-fi memorabilia in the world, including the Robot from Metropolis. He’s on in years, I think in his 90’s, but tours are still held every Saturday, from 11 a.m. to 12 noon. 4511 Russell Avenue. Don’t miss it! There will never be another Ackerman!

8. Kirk’s Rocks (Vasquez Rocks) – ever notice how every planet in the original Star Trek has a jutting triangular peaked canyon? Well, here it is

Feel like you’re on every other planet in the universe at Kirks Rocks
10700 W. Escondido Canyon Rd.
Agua Dulce, CA 91350

9. The Queen Mary– A real tourist destination, but also really haunted. I’ve spent enough time there to experience my own ghostly encounters. Plus the art deco design is great, and the bar at the front sometimes has elvis impersonators and bikini contests. Spooky cool plus swanky cool plus cheesy awesome all in one.
1126 Queen’s Highway, Long Beach

10. Nova Express– Also known as Space Pizza. This is where Barbarella goes for pie. Every inch of this swanky dive is covered with robots or aliens or craters, and all kinds of trippy 60’s sci fi lighting. Also, Cthulu is there, so you can have Pizza with Cthulu. 426 Fairfax.