Monster Monday: Dossenus

Happy Monster Monday everybody! It’s been a couple weeks since our last post. I just moved into a beautiful new house in Echo Park and spent last week doing blood pools on the set of Dexter, so I haven’t been at the desk for a spell.
This week the Dapper Cadaver blog brings you a creature from ancient Greece – Dossenus, the ever-chomping!
Dossenus is a monster who eats everything, like a Pac Man. He wears a theatrical Manducus mask, a classical greek drama mask which depicts a man chewing or grimacing. Or sometimes the Manducus is his sidekick and is a monster in it’s own right.
Beneath his mask Dossenus was part man, part animal, part manimal, and all monster. He could devour anything and the greeks and romans both feared he would devour the “Cosmic Theater,”- the universe. Kind of like a locust from hell.
The Dossenus is also the name of an order of jumping spiders that like to vibrate and bang their butts to make music and attract a mate. They also want to eat the cosmic theater.