Monster-a-day: The Yeti


As part of the Dapper Cadaver Monster-a-day project today I bring you the Yeti, a familiar monster with an unfamiliar history.
The Yeti or Yeh-Teh of Tibet and Nepal have been seen since time immemorial, and appear in several ancient Buddhist works of the region. Many believe the Yeti is an demon ape who converted to Buddhism. They were first seen by westerners in 1951 on Eric Shipton’s ascent of Mt. Everest. The Yeti is described as a large, hairy ape man who walks erect. His fur is usually dark, but sometimes white to blend with the snow.
Yeti fits the description of the believed to be extinct Gigantopithecus a 10 ft tall ape species who lived 100 thousand years ago in China. Many believe the worlds most remote locations still hold Gigantopithecus.
The above image comes from Polish born sculpter-painter-illustrator Stanislav Szulkalski. Szulkalski believed he had discover evidence of a secret history of mankind, in which modern man first appeared in Easter Island where they were subjugated by Yeti. Ever since modern man spread out to populate the world Yeti have been responsible for nearly all the evil and calamity that has befallen us. This pseudoscience he named Zermatism, and the original people The Protong. He wrote a 40 volume fully illustrated encyclopedia on Zermatism. Excerpts of the encyclopedia, and illustrations can be seen here

““Those that saved themselves from drowning, noticed that these creatures also had the fortune to survive, so they named them accordingly, everywhere on this globe in one language, my Protong. The present name Sasquatch was then ‘Sa Z Gladz’, which means ‘Here From Destroyed’ (i.e. the deluged continent)” (p75-6).”

Yeti also cross bred with people to form a race known as Yetisyn, abominations to Szulkalski. Yetisyn were adopted as highest level humans to the postmodern cult, the subgeniuses.

” SubGenii often refer to one another as “Yeti” (or yetynsyni), though this origin story is generally not well known outside of the Church itself. The heritage of the Yeti is said to give SubGenius members access to magical powers, an ability to psychically overpower non-yetisyn and way more hair on their ass than your average half-evolved monkeyboy. “