Monster-a-day: Polybotes

Monster-a-day: polybotes - archieve image 2

As part of the Dapper Cadaver Blog “Monster-a-Day” Project I bring you the Greek giant Polybotes.

What caught my eye about this brute was the story of his birth.
Polybotes was born when Zeus castrated Uranus and Uranus’s penis blood fell to earth (Gaea) fertilizing her with a race of giants.

You don’t see that everyday. Not even on the internet.

Polybotes and his brothers known as Gigantes declared war on the gods and got their asses handed to them. Polybotes was personally defeated by Poseidon, making him the only non-human Poseidon ever defeated. The Telemundo show Sabado Gigante is named in their memory.

He’s described as having snakes for legs and snakes heads for toes, but no one ever draws him that way. Except the guy below, who uses the snake-leg thing mostly to get Polybotes to spread eagle and show of his giant’s ass. Usually he’s shown as a giant, an ogre, or even a regular sized guy.