Monster-a-day: Flaming Teeth

flaming teeth at burning man by tristan savatier

As part of the Dapper Cadaver Blog “Monster-a-Day” Project I bring you today’s monster all the way from Fiji (home of my favorite mermaids by the way).

This giant’s name is Flaming Teeth, and it is well known he would win in a face off with the Flaming Lips.

Flaming teeth was a giant who ate men on the Fijian archipelago. He was so large that his teeth were full sized wooden logs that always burned. He was the first person on Fiji to cook his food, which he did while chewing.

Flaming teeth would terrorize the Fijians everyday, not just eating them, which would have been bad enough, but reeking havoc on their villages as well. And when a giant is reeking anything it must be stopped. So a band of braves came together with a plan – they lured it under a cliff and smashed it’s skull with boulders. The teeth were still burning, so the Fijians took the flaming teeth back to the village, and that is how they discovered fire.

The top image is from and the photo is by Tristan Savatier. The image below is by Macula, who has many awesome illustrations of monsters at

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