25 Essential Halloween Hits

Mike is more evil than you

There’s a real problem with the over the counter Halloween CD’s available out there. Check them out. I love “The Humpty Dance” as much as the next skinny weird looking dude, but it’s just not spooky.

I’ve been collecting Horror and Halloween themed records for years (and I’m working on putting together a radio show, watch this blog for announcements!). My collection reaches back into the early days of Appalachian Goth and Voodoo Blues in the 20’s and 30’s to the novelty record boom of the 50’s and 60’s, horror metal and prog rock ghost stories of the 70’s, right up into the current psychobilly revival of today. I’ve compiled the below list as just a sample, 25 tracks I consider an essential Halloween party soundtrack.

You might notice there is no “Monster Mash” on this list. That’s only because everyone knows that one already. I love the Monster Mash, i own Bobby “Boris” Picketts original LP, I’ve licked the grooves and I can swear it tastes like candy corn and glow stick goo. I named my grade school bike gang “the Crypt Kickers” after his band, and I’ve played it backwards for our midnight “orange mass” on Halloween. So no blasphemous Mash bashing allowed!

25 Essential Halloween Hits

1.“This is Halloween” – Danny Elfman or Marilyn Manson

2. “Dragula” – Rob Zombie

3. “Dead Man’s Party” – Oingo Boingo

4. “Day of the Dead” – The Misfits

5. “The Human Fly” – The Cramps

6. “Coolest Little Monster” – John Zacherie

John Zacherie was a Horror movie host, like a male Elvira, in the fifties, this song is a little like the 12 days of christmas, but with much better gifts like “a hat pin of bat skin” and “your own noose for home use”
7. “Bloody Hammer” – Roky Erickson

Roky was a man making Horror themed records in the heady days of psychadelia and prog rock when everyone took them selves so seriously. For this he was institutionalized and given shock therapy.
8. “Nature Trail to Hell” – Weird Al Yankovic or Rosemary’s Billygoat

Billygoat (pictured) amps up the weird and the rock on this cult classic
9. “Where They Wander” – The Horror Pops

10. “Pet Cemetery” – The Ramones

11. “The Blob” – The Zanies

12. “I Put a Spell on You” – Screamin Jay Hawkins

13 “The Monster Twist” – Tyrone A. Saurus

14. “Feed My Frankenstein” – Alice Cooper

15. “Fear of the Dark” – Iron Maiden

16. “Haunted Cathouse” – Nekromantix

17. “Red Right Hand” – Nick Cave

18. “Jack you’re Dead” – Louis Jordan

19. “Aim for the Head” – Creature Feature

20.”The Vampire” – Archie King

21 “Wolf Woman” – KC and the Moonshine Band

This swinging rockabilly tune goes into the never before told intimacies of a man getting it on with a wolf woman. Great for parties, although references to “the hair on her chest” begins the gender bending implications. Bonus points for an awesome band name.
22. “Bloodletting” – Concrete Blond

23. “Rockula” – los straightjackets

24. “When Werewolves Collide” – Logan Whitehurst

Imagine a song about experimenting on werewolves to unlock their chemical properties. Now imagine it’s being song like it’s the theme song of a James Bond movie. Now imagine it’s being played on an accordion. If I just broke your imagination don’t worry, this song exists.
25. “Werewolves of London” – Warren Zevon