Top 5 Werewolf Transformations

american werewolf in london transformation



Over at FEARnet, they just posted Teen Wolf producer Jeff Davis’ top 5 werewolf movies of all time. Some of my favorites are missing, like The Company of Wolves. But I really can’t imagine doing a werewolf movie list where American Werewolf in London isn’t at the top. Why? The money shot of the werewolf genre: the transformation scene.



Here are my top 5 werewolf transformations:

5. Trick R Treat

4. Bad Moon

3. The Howling

2. The Company of Wolves

My personal favorite is the bizarre wedding scene (skip to the 4 min mark for the transformation action).

Although this one is amazing, too:

1. American Werewolf in London – nothing beats these FX by Rick Baker and team

What are your favorite werewolf transformations?

One thought on “Top 5 Werewolf Transformations

  1. I just wanted to say how AWESOME your blog is. One of my top three favorite, easily.

    If I could add a favorite of mine, it’d have to be an ultra-cheesy, low budget late 80s-early 90s cartoon where the image of a man just fades to a werewolf over the sound of overly dramatic stock music. Classic!

    BTW, I just saw Trick ‘r Treat for the first time yesterday. Good thing too, else this mighta spoiled it. Maybe some spoiler alerts!

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