How To Decorate a Gothic Wedding

Most Gothic Weddings occur in the Fall, the closer to Halloween the better, but any time of the year can be ideal for a gothic wedding. It’s simply a matter of transforming the wedding and reception areas into something more extraordinary. To do that, nothing beats the right gothic wedding decorations.

1. Candelabras – If you’re getting married in a church, or better yet a cathedral or castle, candelabras may already be provided for you. If not finding appropriately gothic candelabras may be trickier then you think. Most party rental places stock white wedding type candelabras, light colors, pearl finishes, etc. They’re also not to keen on you painting their white candlesticks black. Two rental places that do carry black candleabras are BJ Winslow’s Prop Rentals in California and Events Rentals in Arkansas. Both places rent Candelabras at $15-$50 each as of the time this article was written. Winslow offers bulk discounts as well.

2. Flowers- Red roses work with everything, but how about black roses? No natuturally occuring black roses grow, but many floral shops can make them by dying white roses. Carnivourous plants might make an interesting choice, however most are delicate, prone to dying,sticky, or smelly to attract their prey. Alchemy Works has an excellent selection of dark flowers.