Bones and Warcraft Props up for Auction

The Chiller Theater in New Jersey is doing a charity auction May 2nd – 4th, 2008, and I’ll be contributing 2 pieces from my collection a warcraft mask and a skeleton. The skeleton was used in ad campaign of Fox’s Bones. Fox’s Bones and World of Warcraft are in no way affiliated with this auction. These items are my personal property that has been used by their productions. Other items up for auction can be seen here. Stills from the ad showing the skeleton and the actors together can be seen in the below links

More 1
More 2
More 3
More 4

I’ll also be contributing a World of Warcraft Ork Mask and the mold for making more latex Ork masks.
See the finished Ork mask here .

The charity is a benefit for horror host and novelty horror music legend John Zacherley, the cool ghoul. The fund raiser is a surprise, so if you know Zach, don’t tell him!
the cool ghoul

Zach is the last of the great original horror hosts, 90 years old and still as sharp as a stake through the heart. He fell ill around Christmas and while he’s out of the hospital now, this auction is to raise the cash for his hospital bills. Along with other hosts like Vampira who passed earlier in the year, Zach helped create the campy mix of ghastly puns and ghoulish gore that is often imitated, never equaled to this day. While the honors for Vampira came mostly post-humous, this is a chance to honor a legend of the undead while he’s still alive.

As well as a character actor and horror host, Zacherley produced an unrivaled assortment of novelty horror records in the 50’s and 60’s. Often backed by the rockabilly surf style of the Dick Clark Five, or spooky organs, Zacherley’s horror limerick songs are one of the founding forces of todays Psychobilly genre Give a Listen to some selections here, and then go ahead and buy the album here. We’re trying to get the dude paid after all.

Zacherley’s music and television persona has been a huge influence on all of us here at Dapper Cadaver where his music can regularly be heard in our in store mix. We’re thrilled and honored to be able to help him out however we can. We hope whether you love Zacherley, Bones, Warcraft, or other horror swag you’ll be able to make a bid and help this delightful old ghoul out.