Lurching off the Screen – Night of the Living Dead 3D

I have a special treat for you Living Dead fans out there.

On March 17th, the latest remake of Night of the Living Dead will be literally lurching off the screen in breath taking 3-D. The film reunites some of the original team from Return of the Living Dead, and features Captain Spaulding himself, Sid Haig, as the kind of corrupt Mortician only Haig could play. It also features a number of my props, including caksets, body parts, corpses, and good ol’ Black Betty, my Victoria Hearse.

I’m in there too, as the zombie that chases you through the gate. You’ll be seeing my gritty undead prop maker hands snatching right at your face. So I want you all to buy your ticket, and when I’m clawing for your brain, reach out and shake my hand.

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