Law and Order Props

If the smog rolls back in Los Angeles, and you squint just right in the clear air, you might just see my arm flying over head on route to New York, for a Law and Order episode.

This has been a big thrill for me, for once I can sincerley say I love the show I’m doing props for. I’m sad Jerry Orbach, AKA Lennie Briscoe won’t be there to personally fondle it. What can you say about such a giant of a man? Well, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, even if those thousand words are just WTF over and over again, so here’s a picture I did to express what Orbacca meant to me.

I did this a few years back, when Briscoe was alive and well. It was for an anthology show organized by Brandon Bird called Law and Order: Artistic Intent and was the birthplace of the now famous Law and Order Coloring Book

I’m sure Jerry is grabbing a dog in Heaven


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