Leech Jars

This entire week has been filled for me with things that have just made me step back out of the moment and realize just how bizarre my daily life is.

It started with a prophetic, voice-o-gawd type phone call – “I have what will seem like a strange question to you”” they began. “I doubt it will be a strange question to me,” I assured them. Very little seems strange to me.

I spent a good part of yesterday talking on the phone with an organ broker, a job I never even thought about before. These are the fellows who have to negotiate a whole host of legal and temporal pitfalls, not to mention the shock and dismay of relatives, and get organs from the recently deceased donors to terminal patients before the organ goes bad. Everything is racing against the clock and every account is a life or death type of deal. Imagine that.

I also spent a bad part of yesterday arguing with a felloe who wanted to underpay me for a prop torso I’m making him that’s going to be torn apart by lions in a bicycle commerical. And even though arguments about pay are always stressfull, never the less, I am making a rubber torso to be torn apart by lions in a bicycle commercial. If that doesn’t sound awsome to you I don’t know what I can do aside from repeating it again…slowly.

Then, there’s this:

and this

which are genuine medical antiques and so charming, I must have one for my kitchen!