Hearses wanted

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hearse 8, originally uploaded by Boju.

Dapper Cadaver is currently looking to expand it’s fleet of rental hearses and hearse drivers available for film, television, and Halloween purposes.

If you have a working hearse you’d like to make available, and have a valid drivers license and insurance, email me to set up an interview.


Greatest Creature Maker of All Time Dies

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Dino Stan, originally uploaded by Boju.

Creature Maker Stan Winston died earlier in the week at the age of 62 due to cancer. Although the animatronics crew at his Winston’s studios offered to keep him alive by transforming him into some kind of unstoppable man-machine, Winston chose to die as he lived, a human.

Winston was born in the 30th century, a bleak futuristic world in which computers control all of our special effects industry. Using a time machine of his own devising, Winston, then in his early 30’s, traveled back in time to the 70’s to show the world that the greatest creatures ever could be created with silicon, latex, and robotics.

In his long career in Hollywood, he and his studio, Stan Winston Studios, built the most iconic monsters and robots of all time including:
The Terminator
The Predator
The Aliens of the Alien Movies (designed by HR Giger)
The Dinosaurs of Jurassic Park
Edward Scissorhands
Iron Man
Tim Burton’s Batman
John Carpenter’s The Thing
The Robots of AI
Monster Squad
Tank Girl
The Vampires in Inverview With A Vampire
And Many more.

After a ceremony which will be attended by hundreds of friends, family, colleges, aliens, monsters, robots, and the undead, Stan Winston’s skull will be forever enshrined in The Predators trophy room, amongst the universes mightiest creatures.

Stan Winston’s work help fueled my love of movies, and is one biggest reasons I make props today. He will be missed.
RIP Stan 1946-2008

The Skeleton Family

skeleton family 592

Dapper Cadaver is proud to offer the bones of a full family of skeletons! All are what we call “natural seamless,” although they’re not real bone. They are finished and painted to appear natural, and have all they’re steel mounting hardware concealed. We’ve provided skeletons to Dexter, National Treasure:Book of Secrets, Bones, and 300.
Here’s the family
“Father” Skeleton – 5’9″
“Mother” Skeleton – 5’6″
Child Skeleton, 8-11 yrs old 4′
Toddler Skeleton 1-3yrs 3′
Infant Skeleton – late term fetal/ newborn 18″
(not pictured) 5 month fetal skeleton- 8″

Electric Chair

electric hair

Just picked this up last week. I love what people bring to my door step. The story on this electric chair is, and I quote
“This was the only thing left in the apartment I moved into. Do you want it?”
I don’t know why it was there or where it came from, but it does have a motor and wiring. No one has yet hopped in to see if it’s a funny electric chair or a scary electric chair.

It makes a great addition to my Execution Props Collection

New Assistant

satanic office 6

I’ve got a new assistant in my shop, old friend and awesome movie expert Matt Babb. He doesn’t seem to freaked out that satan is watching him type.

Dapper Cadaver 2007 Catalog Now Available

Dapper Cadaver 2007 Catalog Available

Email me at bj@dappercadaver.com with your mailing address to receive a hard copy of our 2007 prop catalog, or download our cattalog of Halloween Props and price sheet here!
Catalog features page after page of film quality props available for rent and sale and is a valuable resource to prop masters, set decorators, and home haunters.
Price sheet lists rental rates for 1 week rentals and extended rentals, bulk discounts, and sale price.