Universal Halloween Horror Nights

Universal Horror Vintage Morgue

Halloween is well into it’s fourth month here at the shop, which probably means the rest of the world is just starting to get into it. Once again I reccomend Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights. They got a lot of their props at my shop including a beautiful custom angel of death prop
No sneak peeks yet! But here’s a scene we did last year – a morgue, done with authentic hundred year old autopsy tables, embalming pumps, and cabinets.

America's Scariest Home Haunts

lovely creatures

Fear Net just launched it’s new series – “America’s Scariest Home Haunts,” and of course Dapper Cadaver is included. Scream Queen Danielle Harris from the Halloween series came right to Dapper Cadaver for all their hosting segments, and be sure to look for our props in the segways.
Dapper Cadaver owner and lead artist BJ Winslow will also be interviewed in later episodes! Look for it!
Here’s the video

Dancing Bones

bones with antique headless skeleton

Our shop recently provided a whole roomfull of our natural seamless skeletons to the Bones promo crew. The results are a fantastic set of stills and videos featuring the cast dancing with the skeletons.
The bones season 3 promos, known as “solving crime takes chemistry” and “The other way around” set can be viewed in following places –

Bleed Out

body shop

Blood and body parts abound in William Brody’s new independent film “Bleed Out. Scene’s like the one pictured above give new meaning to the term “Body Shop”

“Bleed Out” is a noir thriller about a hitwoman who will kill for love.

A featured selection at Seattle’s prestigious Rawstock Film Festival (rawstockmedia.com), “Bleed Out” is adapted with permission from Ian Frazier’s short story “He, the Murderer.”

Written, produced, directed and edited by William Brody.

William Brody
Producer & Director
red white & boots/films and productions

Dem Bones

natural seamless skeletons 1

These are the bad boys of Bones, back in the shop and ready to party. We’ve currently got about 15 in stock. They’re all screen used , and the perfect celebrity to liven (deaden?) up your Halloween party.
Rent 3, get the 4th free!

Another Guest at Dapper Cadaver

stocks 0

Just a girl interested in intestines, torture, and execution props who couldn’t resist climbing into the stocks.

The stocks will be in San Diego this weekend on the pirate ship. Anyone who dares let themselves be so restrained by those booty grabbing buccaneers, please send me a photo.

Universal Halloween Horror Nights

angel of death  9

The good folks from Universal Studios Theme Park are back again picking props out of the shop for their month long Haunted House. It promises to be even bigger than last year, and from what I’ve seen of the props they’re picking out, I can’t wait to see the attraction.

This Angel of Death will be suspended above the crowd, (safe) scythe in hand. It’s based on old plague-era depictions of death.

Raising "Cane"

bloody thin man

For anybody who thought running a legal sugar and rum business wouldn’t be exciting, just take a look at the bloody mess at the top of this post.

“Cane” is a new series on CBS starring Jimmy Smits. It starts Sept 25th, at 10pm.

My bodies should start popping up around episode 4 or 5.

Bones Promo

Bones Promo

The new season of Bones is starting and the promo features a full dozen of Dapper Cadaver’s finest natural seamless skeletons, dancing with Brennan, Booth, and the rest of the cast.
<a href=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3M2K-6rgNTEWatch the promo here and
Check out our skeletons here

Also be sure to catch the Halloween episode of Bones, called Mummy in the Maze for a whole slew of my props and decor. It’s right now slated for episode 5 of the new season.

Alone in the Dark?

poseable rot man 62

This is just one of many bodies, body parts, and sheeps hearts that the now-filming horror DVD “Alone in the Dark 2” rented for their production. Their taste in props was perfectly suited to the Dapper Cadaver inventory, being a lovely mix of everything we do best, gore, oddities, scientific equipment, and death related props.

This is the sequel to Alone in the Dark (1) in which paranormal investigator Edward Carnby uncovers a centuries old demonic cult and the the gateway to a hellish realm.

What new mysteries await Edward in the sequel we’ll have to wait until 2009