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Fossils in the News: Prehistoric Fossil Jackpot & New Feathered Dino

We’ve been hearing a lot about dinosaurs and other prehistoric discoveries recently.  From newly found dinosaurs to fossil excavations, here are some news worthy stories we’re reading this week!

In China, a fossil of a four-winged dino was discovered with the longest feathers scientists have ever seen on a dinosaur fossil. This 125 million year old raptor named Changyuraptor Yangi or Great Feather in Chinese will help scientists learn about the flight patterns of larger creatures as well as the evolution of larger flying animals today. Check out some photos of the fossil!


Illustration of Changyuraptor yangi. (S. Abramowicz/ Courtesy of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County) (Washington Post)

Changyuraptor with (right) details of plumage. (Luis Chiappe/ Courtesy of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County) (Washington Post)

(Washington Post)










According to the Washington Post it flew, had four wings, and its feathers were one-fourth the size of the dinosaur’s entire body.

How about this one: In Wyoming, a cave that was dormant to human exploration for the last 30 years is finally getting excavated. Trained international scientists will rappel eight stories down into the cave and climb back up. Once they are at the bottom, “they will load fossils into buckets to be hoisted to the surface” (Reuters). However dangerous this climb is its going to be worth it. Inside the cave may be hundreds of undiscovered fossils dating back as far as 100,000 years.

Dangerous cave in Wyoming to be reopened to allow scientists to study thousands of bones of ancient creatures. Access is the first granted since the 1970s. (Photo : Bureau of Land Management) (Tech Times)

Image from the original excavation.
(Photo : Bureau of Land Management)
(Tech Times)













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