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Daily Monsters – The Krampus

santa and krampus

Today I’m launching a new feature on the Dapper Cadaver Horror Blog – THE DAILY MONSTER

Everyday (give or take)I’ll be posting a new monster from around the world, and beyond. Every beast from the cthulhu-like Abao-Aqu of Malay to the great snake Zuzeca of the Lakota Suix.

Today I start with one of my all time favorites – The Krampus.

The Krampus hails from Austria and the nearby parts of Europe. On Dec 7th (my birthday, hint hint) Krampuses travel through villages seeking out naughty children, beating them with flails, clubs, and switches. If the child happens to have a hot mom or older sister, the Krampus will employ his ridiculously long tongue to make out with her. Especially bad children will be hauled off to hell in a basket.

In the picture above, the Krampus are the two guys on the right. To their left is St. Nick, and fortunately, Dec 7th is also St Nicolis day. But here’s the thing, Jolly Old St. Nick doesn’t drive the awfull Krampus away. No, they’re buddies. St Nick will just hand out gifts to the good kids and laugh joyfully while Krampus beats the snot out of the bad kids. As illustrated hear in this vintage postcard.

In fact, the two are so buddy buddy they even have been known to carpool together, in what would no doubt make the coolest clean cop/loose cannon TV detective team ever. As illustrated in the below Christmas card from all of us at Dapper Cadaver to all the good and bad children of the world.

Gruss Von Krampus! [greetings from krampus]

Daily Monsters – The Chupacabra

chupacabra  8

Across the Southwest people have been reporting, photographing, and in some cases finding specimens of large, hideous, hairless canines some are calling chupacabras. Here are some of the reports…

DNA from some of the specimens clearly identify them as coyotes – hideous and hairless because of the disease known as “mange”

One woman even reported seeing one of these hairless coyotes attack her caged chickens, pulling its head through the bars and biting it off, then drinking all the blood that spilled out.

Could these mange-coyotes account for the chupacabra? Is it only coincidental that they’re similar in appearance and behavior to chupas? Are the real goat-suckers still at large? Or only legend?

Do you believe in chupacabras, or mange-coyotes?

Daily Monster- Worlds Largest FeeGee Mermaid

6 ft feegee mermaid on stand  6

This Feegee Mermaid, among the largest ever discovered at nearly 6ft long, will be on display at the Haunted Village in Las Vegas through October. Because of it’s large size and excellent condition science has been able to uncover more secrets of the mermaids life and evolution than ever before. Far from a amalgamated half man half fish, the feegee (or fiji or feejee) mermaid is fully mammal, although one belong to a previously unknown genus. Osteological analysis points to an ancestor either among the bats or prosimians. Evolutionary biologists believe that the ancestor likely found itself storm swept to a resource poor island in the fijian archaepelago, and took to the sea for food. Over time its arborial or flight structures were adapted for swimming, a process known as retrograde evolution and most familiar outside the scientific community as the process by which penguins evolved from flying birds.

Feegee mermaids are born only a few inches in length, and grow incredibly slowly throughout their lives. Specimens therefore are extremely rare, and usually both small and damaged. It is believed this Feegee was nearly 50 years old at the time of it’s death.


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