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Have a Horror Themed Dinner Party!

With Halloween coming up right around the corner, some of our friends shared with us their recent horror themed Dinner Parties. From recreating the Vincent Price cookbook to being inspired to create culinary art based on their favorite show, here are plenty of dinner party  ideas to get you in the mood for Halloween!

Vincent Price, the famous voice of horror, also had an interest in cooking. Not only did he write multiple cookbooks, A Treasury of Great Recipes and Come into the Kitchen he had his own cooking show Cooking Price Wise which aired in 1971.

Here he is cooking with Wolfgang Puck:

Any recipe from The Vincent Price cookbook is sure to impress your dinner party guests. Matt Babb, a friend of Dapper Cadaver, decided to do just that.  On his YouTube channel  he creates videos showcasing Vincent Price’s culinary creations mixed with footage of his dinner parties and narrated by Prices audio cookbook Push Button Cookery (if you want to listen, the Fine Art at Home blog posted the recordings). Matt himself acts as Price creating these delectable dishes.

Check out this episode Price of Dinner Maincourse and don’t worry, there’s lots more on his channel to watch!


Looks like Price wasn’t the only horror actor to have an affinity for the kitchen; Boris Karloff published an article for his favorite guacamole recipe – infused with sherry! (source: badass digest)


source: Grace Feigh

Looking for other horror inspired dinner party ideas? Try a party based off the food in your favorite show. Dapper Cadaver’s own Grace did just that. Her Hannibal themed dinner party included a menu of Roasted Beet Salad, Kidney Pie, Ahi Tuna, Prosciutto Quiche Cups and for an extra special dessert, Blood Ice Cream. The blood ice cream recipe comes from the book Odd Bits: How to Cook the Rest of the Animal. Check out some photos of her event!


Delicious blood ice cream! source: Grace Feigh



Grace was inspired by Janice Poon, food stylist for Hannibal. On her blog, she provides photos of the food and art she makes for Hannibal as well as recipes for the adventurous dinner party host. Janice brings food to a new art form using symbolism as well as intense creativity for the elaborate dishes.

Let us know if you have had a horror themed dinner party or tried a few adventurous recipes!

GO: The Hive Gallery Haunted House Themed Show

The Hive Gallery Haunted House Themed Show

The Hive Gallery Haunted House Themed Show Flyer

When: Saturday 10/1 8 – 12:30 am
Where: The Hive Gallery, 729 S. Spring St.
Price: $8 door / $5 with costume
Info: Up to 60 artists take on the haunted house theme for the Hive Gallery and Studios show this month. Featured artists include Jamie Johnson, 3RDI and Macsorro. Plus bands, burlesque, sideshow, tarot reading, live painting and fantastic people in fantastic costumes! For more info, see the Hive Gallery website.


GO: The Empire of Death Book Signing

The Empire of Death Book Signing

Empire Of Death: Tomb of Enrique Torres Belon

Tomb of Enrique Torres Bélon (Lampa, Peru) from Empire of Death

Empire Of Death: St Valerius

St. Valerius (Weyarn, Germany) from Empire of Death

When: Saturday 9/24 7 – 10 pm
Where: La Luz de Jesus, 4633 Hollywood Blvd.
Price: Free! The book is $50 and worth every penny.
Info: Dr. Paul Koudounaris presents and signs his new book, The Empire of Death: A Cultural History of Ossuaries and Charnel Houses. The book reveals religious places where human remains were laid to rest en masse on four continents. The word “amazing” has been over-used in our society. However, “amazing” is the right word to describe the power of Dr. Paul K’s photographs of the bone churches, jewel-encrusted skeletons and decorated skulls. I can’t wait to read the book and learn more about the stories and cultures behind the gorgeous images. Original photographs will be on display at La Luz de Jesus until October 3rd. Learn more at La Luz de Jesus and see a sample of what will be on display. The official publisher site has full pages to view. If you are out of town, you can pre-order the book on Amazon. Highly recommended.

Yummy: Gunther von Häagen-Dazs

A delicious new video from our pals at Art of Bleeding:

If you are in SF on 9/30, make sure to see Art of Bleeding perform at Chicken John’s book release!

Caticorn Magic

A mystical animal that is half cat, half unicorn. It has the head of a cat with an unicorn horn and the body of a cat with an unicorn tail. It makes the sound “neow.” – Urban Dictionary entry on caticorn.

Years ago in a haunted house in Azusa, BJ found an amateur taxidermy bobcat. But only half of it. And with a nail sticking out of its nose for some strange reason. Always the resourceful propmaker, BJ stuck a horn over the nail. Voila! The Dapper Cadaver Caticorn was born.

Dapper Cadaver Caticorn

When legendary sideshow artist Mark Frierson bought the Caticorn earlier this year, we knew he would create something magical with it. Step right up and see:

The Amazing Three-Eyed Rocky Mountain Caticorn!

The Amazing Three-Eyed Rocky Mountain Caticorn

The Amazing Three-Eyed Rocky Mountain Caticorn - Looking Right

The Amazing Three-Eyed Rocky Mountain Caticorn - Close Up

The Amazing Three-Eyed Rocky Mountain Caticorn - From Above

Mark fully restored it, moved the horn back to the center of its head, added a third eye, a snake-like tongue and pheasant wings. Simply gorgeous. And this is coming from a girl who likes cats, unicorns and most of all, supremely mystical three-eyed flying caticorns.

Check out more amazing sideshow gaffs and wonders on the Frierson Studios Facebook page. Don’t forget to hit the Like button!

Bleeding Bizarre

“Spewing gore-soaked foetuses from tentacled wombs and scaring kids straight with “faceless boys,” The Art Of Bleeding make first aid fun!

Words: Denise Stanborough

The Reverend Al Ridenour drives around LA in an ambulance with a gorilla mascot and a bevy of nurses in sexy latex uniforms. He bypasses accidents and ignores cries for help. But he isn’t’ a sadistic paramedic, or on his way to a fancy dress party. Al is the founder member of a comedy performance group known as The Art Of Bleeding. Best described as deadly unserious first -aid education show, they scour the city streets “preaching” the merits of safety to bleary-eyed bar crawlers. “None of us are medical professionals,” says Al, proudly. “We are shunned by the medical profession, they are downright hostile toward us.”

Far from being a new age Red Cross The Art of Bleeding turns straitlaced safety education on its head, and hits the audience with half-naked naughty nurses soaked in animal blood, inflatable foetuses and fucked-up puppet shows. “

That’s my baby! My fiancee has now been shown to the world via Bizarre magazine. They’ve run a story on Art of Bleeding that features my girl in the flesh, surrounded by blood, zombies, fetuses, apes, robots, and the rest of the crew. It’s amusing since that was the first and only time she’s gotten so nude with them, and there just happened to be a photographer there and a magazine article in the works.

I got more photos of bloody zombie nurses here and

Art of Bleeding Show

My snapshots are now online! For all your Zombie Burlesque needs visit my flicker scrapbook to see our latest Art of Bleeding performance. That’s me and Eileen in full body casts, and my blood oozing down all those hot hot people. A few of my other snapshot galleries are up so if you enjoy hair mayonaise, abandoned insane asylums, or cats fighting skeletons check them out. Also check out Eileen’s photos for the behind the scenes documentary, The Making of the Full Body Casts.

If you can find hotter people drenched in blood, you’d better introduce me.

Roy Orbison in Cling Film

Roy Orbison wrapped ME and Eileen in Cling Film

Deth Sun

I’ve been thinking a lot about narative art lately. Using images to tell a story or send a messge rather feelingings, impressions. This is the work of Deth Sun . Yes, that is his real name, no relation to Death Star. There’s something in his pearly canvases that reminds me these images I think are personal and hidden at the very core of me are universal. Obscure, yet familiar, like dreams and fairy tales. This isn’t narrative, exactly, nor surrealism, nor impressions. It draws on the blank verse of the comics page, that ancient medium that knows where which lines to leave in, and which to take out. The results, ideally, are a rich, fully rendered world in which the characters are underdevelloped enough to form vessels into which we pour ourselves.

My good friend Daniel dated his sister for a while. She is most certainly not another one of the endless . Her name is Phil.

“Be good to Phil,” I would tell him, “or Deth will come for you.”

Of course his webpage is Heavenly

go to his page, stroll around. It’s been a few years since I’ve seen him. He’s doing all right for himself it seems.


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